Wells Fargo Customer Service Number

Wells Fargo Customer Service Number

The main Wells Fargo customer service number is 1-800-869-3557 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

View more Wells Fargo customer service phone numbers below and contact Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Account Phone Number

  • 1-800-642-4720

Wells Fargo Personal Banking Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-869-3557
  • 1-800-877-4833 (TTY)

Wells Fargo Auto Loan Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-289-8004 (Dealer Services)
  • 1-800-559-3557 (Auto Finance)
  • 1-877-700-9345 (Auto Loan)

Wells Fargo Home Equity Phone Numbers

  • 1-866-820-9199 (Account Management)
  • 1-888-667-1772 (Apply by Phone)

Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-357-6675 (Account Management)
  • 1-877-937-9357 (Home Buying and Refinancing)
  • 1-866-936-7272 (Military Customer Service)

Wells Fargo Student Loan Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-378-5526 (Apply, option 3)
  • 1-800-378-5526 (Applications in Progress, option 2)
  • 1-800-658-3567 (Account Management)
  • 1-877-315-7723 (Student Loan Consolidations)

Wells Fargo Loans and Lines of Credit

  • 1-888-667-5250

Wells Fargo Credit and Debit Cards

  • 1-800-642-4720 (Account Management)
  • 1-800-932-6736 (Apply)
  • 1-800-967-9521 (Application Status)
  • 1-800-869-3557 (Pay your Credit Card Bill)
  • 1-877-517-1358 (Redeem Rewards)
  • 1-800-869-3557 (Debit Card)

Wells Fargo Insurance and Protection

  • 1-866-294-2571 (Home and Auto Insurance)

Wells Fargo Investing and Retirement

  • 1-800-728-3123 (401 k Retirement Plans)
  • 1-800-222-8222 (Funds Individual Investors)
  • 1-888-877-9275 (Investment Professionals)
  • 1-866-281-7436 (Current Brokerage Customers)
  • 1-866-243-0931 (New Brokerage Customers)
  • 1-800-TRADERS (872-3377) (WellsTrade Current Customers)
  • 1-877-573-7997 (WellsTrade New Customers)
  • 1-866-281-7436 (Current IRA Customers)
  • 1-877-493-4727 (New IRAs and Rollovers)
  • 1-800-352-3705 (Trust and Managed Investment Questions)
  • 1-866-884-7374 (HSAs Account Customer Service)
  • 1-866-988-2006 (HSAs Employee Customer Service Team)
  • 1-866-449-9929 (HSAs Brokers and Benefit Consultants)
  • 1-888-715-0380 (Private Bank)

Wells Fargo History

Wells Fargo is a global banking and financial services company based in San Francisco, California. It was established by William Fargo and his business partner Henry Wells in 1852. The institution’s formation was spurred by California’s economic boom which came after the discovery of gold at a drill in Sutter’s Mill in 1849. This lead to a huge demand for freight services.

The two entrepreneurs merged with several other investors from New York, creating Wells Fargo and Co. to serve and benefit from this high demand. By July 1852, they had begun transporting the initial loads of goods between the East Coast and some mining camps in California. They also cashed in by providing banking services to local gold dealers, as well as providing loans which sustained the growth of the State economy.

In 1866, the firm merged with various other express delivery companies and stagecoach lines such as Ben Holladay’s Overland Mail Service. A few years later, they became undisputed leaders in western transportation, offering quick and consistent services at affordable rates.

In October 2008, the company received a $25 billion stimulus package from the government under a program known as the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. Wells Fargo received an additional stock capital of $8.6 billion in May 2009, with plans to raise an extra $4.9 billion in stock through earnings.

Furthermore, they established a new Securities branch in 2009 to host the company’s new capital markets section, which was obtained following the Wachovia acquisition. Before that, Wells Fargo’s investment banking sector was not well developed, though Wachovia itself had a well-functioning investment banking segment which it ran under the brand Wachovia Securities.

The company also operates 11 museums which are commonly known as Wells Fargo History Museum. They are found in corporate buildings across various cities in the United States such as Charlotte, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and much more. They also operate the Alaskan Heritage Museum in Anchorage, Alaska which features a big collection of native artifacts, baskets, and ivory carvings among other relics.


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