U.S. Bank Customer Service Number

U.S. Bank Customer Service Number

The main U.S. Bank customer service number is 1-800-872-2657.

View more U.S. Bank customer service phone numbers below and contact U.S. Bank.

U.S. Bank Online and Mobile Banking Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-872-2657
  • 1-503-401-9991 (International Collect Calls)
  • 1-800-685-5065 (TTY/TDD)

U.S. Bank Personal Banking Phone Numbers

General Information, Checking, Savings, Check Cards, Home Equity, Loans, Leases, Account or Card Issues

  • 1-513-632-4141 (Cincinnati Metro)
  • 1-303-585-8585 (Denver Metro)
  • 1-414-765-4636 (Milwaukee Metro)
  • 1-612-872-2657 (Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro)
  • 1-503-872-2657 (Portland Metro)
  • 1-314-425-2000 (St. Louis Metro)
  • 1-800-872-2657 (All Other Locations)
  • 1-503-401-9991 (International Collect Calls)
  • 1-800-685-5065 (TTY/TDD)

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage Phone Numbers

  • 1-877-303-1637 (For Purchase)
  • 1-877-303-1640 (For Refinance)
  • 1-800-365-7772 (Customer Service)

U.S. Bank Existing Student Loan Phone Number

  • 1-800-242-1200

U.S. Bank Credit Card Phone Numbers

Cardmember Service

  • 1-800-285-8585 (U.S. Bank Cash+TM, Cash Rewards, Perks+, Platinum, College and Secured Visa® Cards)
  • 1-844-303-8122 (U.S. Bank Cash 365TMAmerican Express® Card)
  • 1-888-444-BANK (U.S. Bank Premier Line)
  • 1-888-852-5786 (U.S. Bank Credit-Line)
  • 1-877-978-7446 (FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® Card)
  • 1-800-692-8472 (FlexPerks® Select Rewards Visa® Card)
  • 1-866-311-5550 (FlexPerks® Gold, Travel Rewards and Select+ American Express® Cards)
  • 1-800-530-9454 (U.S. Bank Offer Verification)

Travel Rewards

  • 1-866-794-2136 (AeroMexico Visa Card)
  • 1-800-236-4012 (Club CarlsonSM Rewards Visa Card)
  • 1-800-274-7200 (LANPASS Visa Card)
  • 1-866-359-4771 (SKYPASS Visa Signature Card)
  • 1-866-286-8472 (SKYPASS Visa Card)

Retail Rewards

  • 1-877-373-6192 (1-2-3 REWARDS® Visa® Card)
  • 1-866-951-3870 (Ace Rewards® Platinum Visa Card)
  • 1-877-373-6194 (Fred Meyer Rewards® Visa®Card)
  • 1-866-234-4672 (Gymboree® Visa Card)
  • 1-800-699-2281 (Harley-Davidson® Visa Card)
  • 1-877-828-4726 (Polaris® Visa® Card)
  • 1-877-373-6196 (Ralphs rewards plus Visa® Card)
  • 1-877-734-6060 (REI Signature/World Card)
  • 1-877-734-8742 (REI Platinum Card)

U.S. Bank Small Business Banking Phone Numbers

General, Checking, Saving, Credit Card, Debit Card, Charge Card, Account or Card Issues

  • 1-651-244-7770 (Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area)
  • 1-800-673-3555 (All Other Locations)
  • 1-503-401-9992 (International Collect Calls)

U.S. Bank Business Credit Card Phone Numbers

  • 1-866-485-4545 (U.S. Bank Business Edge Platinum)
  • 1-800-374-7979 (U.S. Bank FlexPerks Business Edge Travel Rewards)
  • 1-866-485-4545 (U.S. Bank Business Edge Select Rewards)
  • 1-877-351-8406 (U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World EliteTM MasterCard®)
  • 1-866-485-4545 (U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards)
  • 1-866-951-3871 (Ace Rewards® Visa Business Card)
  • 1-800-236-7546 (Club CarlsonSM Business Rewards Visa Card)
  • 1-866-249-3790 (SKYPASS Business Visa)

U.S. Bank Business EdgeTM Charge Card Phone Number

  • 1-800-775-4074

U.S. Bank History

U.S. Bank is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and is the 5th largest commercial bank in America. It was founded in 1929 and expanded via the acquisition of various regional banks in the West and Midwest regions. By 1988, the bank had merged with or acquired approximately 50 banks. This institution is nationally chartered and regulated by the Treasury Department of America.

Alongside its parent company, the bank has a total asset base of $422 billion and operates 3,133 offices across 25 states including 4,936 ATMs. Apart from banking services they also offer investment, trust, mortgage and payment services to both individuals, businesses, government entities and other fiscal institutions. U.S. Bank has a total of 67,000 employees and continues to grow stronger each day through their commitment to top-in-class service. The bank’s current chairman and CEO is Richard K. Davis.

U.S. Bank and its associate U.S. Bancorp Investments provides customers with strength, stability and years of expertise alongside an unwavering commitment to helping them meet their fiscal goals. The company also provides professional investment advice at all levels, including comprehensive asset management strategies for both individuals and small businesses.

U.S. Bank also provides retirement savings opportunities through IRA accounts, including consultations on how to use these savings wisely upon receiving them from an employer. They endeavor to create superior value for their shareholders by fulfilling all customer promises. Clients have access to an array of financial solutions available anywhere and anytime online.

Their motto of operation is ‘Simplify’, which means satisfying customer expectations for quality service, expediency, and execution, while also addressing the need for security and confidence in the banking system. Another slogan they use is ‘Access’, which translates to providing a huge range of choices for conducting business with them. There’s also ‘Solutions’ which comes from their understanding of the customer, superior product performance and the expertise of their staff.


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