You’re Paying Too Much for TV

You’re Paying Too Much for TV

Let’s face it, we have all been paying too much for TV for too long. It is time to be done with expensive cable TV. It seems like every year, the prices of cable television get higher and higher, and cable companies get smarter and smarter at creating just the right packages to convince you that you are getting everything you thought you needed. I would hope that since you are on a website that is built around the idea of being financially free that you already realize how overpriced cable TV is. But for you stubborn folks out there, it’s time to consider cutting that cable, saving some money, and looking at some more reasonably priced alternatives.

How I Decided I Was Paying Too Much for TV

I have been pushing hard to get out of debt for a little over seven months now. Shortly after I started, the promotional period on my cable and internet package with Comcast was ending. I had signed up the previous year for internet with a basic cable package included which ended up being around the same price as the internet by itself.

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It was nice to have cable TV for a year, and my wife and I do enjoy the convenience of being able to lazily channel surf to find something random to watch every now and then, but most of the time, we resort to on-demand viewing services like Hulu or Netflix. The only downside to the cable package, ignoring the expensive price, was that it was the most basic one they offered, which didn’t include a lot of the channels that we like to watch sometimes.

With the promotional year ending, I called Comcast to review what the regular pricing was going to be and to check how much extra it would cost to upgrade and get a few more channels that we wanted. After using my best negotiating techniques, it still came out to about $20 more a month to just stay with our current basic package, but to upgrade one tier and get some more of the channels we wanted was going to cost around $60 more a month, way too much for TV!

I can’t really say I was shocked, as I knew that cable TV was both expensive and overpriced, but it became apparent very quickly that I was going to have to get used to life without it. The price for having the cable TV on my plan at that point would have been around $80 a month by itself to get the channels we wanted, and that just didn’t fit into my getting out of debt and taking back my money plan. So I went ahead and canceled our cable, packed up the satellite box and dropped it off at my local Comcast office with a smile.

The Aftermath of Cutting the Cord

So how is it seven months later with no cable TV? It’s really not that different.

I hadn’t realized how much my wife and I had already shifted to viewing shows on demand, mainly on Hulu, and some on Netflix. We already had a Roku to use the apps and as far as TV goes, they had most of what we already wanted to watch and then an abundance of other things that we try out from time to time. Once the cable was cut, our viewing habits stayed pretty much the same, minus the occasional binge of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Better yet, we are only paying around $16 a month for both services!

Recently, I also decided to try out a new service called Sling TV. It’s basically internet television streamed through an app, with a set list of channels and costs $20 a month with some extra packages that can be added. Compared to Hulu and Netflix, it still seems pricey, however, it has almost all the channels that my wife and I would want (and normally have to pay more money for). We’ve been on a free trial this month and are considering adding it to our budget mainly because we enjoy having access to those channels that don’t put their shows on other services like HGTV, the Food Network, the History Channel, and various others.

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Sling TV also allows you to watch a three-day backlog of most of its channels, which is great. So even if we do pay the extra money to have Sling TV along with Hulu and Netflix, we are still under $40, less than half of what we would pay just to have cable TV with the channels we want. And this option is even better because most of the content can be viewed on demand when we feel like it!

It’s Time to Make a Change

So many people that I know are still subscribed to cable TV. Some use services like Hulu and Netflix, but almost none of them have cut the cord to exclusively use streaming media services. I think its time for everyone to start paying attention to the services that are available and to their finances! There is no reason to pay insane amounts of money to cable companies just to watch TV anymore, not with all of the alternative ways to watch things.

Maybe your thinking of that one show or station that is only available through your cable subscription. Well, it’s time to decide if that is really worth all the money your spending to get it. Streaming services are only getting bigger and better as they become more people’s primary way of consuming media, but I’m here to tell you that they are already pretty great! Consider your options, and decide if you think you are paying too much for TV, then do something about it!

Do you think you’re paying too much for TV, or have you some more inexpensive alternatives that work for you? Let us know in the comments!

Update – 12/8/2016

We actually ended up using Sling TV for a few months and enjoyed the service while still staying away from paying too much for TV. However, over the last year as we have finally pushed to get out of debt and continue to work towards financial independence, we seem to watch TV less than we used to. We now have various on-demand services like Hulu and Netflix. We don’t miss the daily shows from our old cable TV package at all anymore and are much more deliberate about picking the shows we want to watch and when we want to watch them. Cutting the cord ended up saving us money and time in the long run!

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3 thoughts on “You’re Paying Too Much for TV”

  1. Absolutely; cable companies charge too much and package channels to purposefully leave out certain popular channels that people want, so that they’ll get a more expensive package instead. It’s all about benefiting the company and pumping up profits, and not about serving the customer.

    Netflix and Hulu provide value to the customer by letting you select exactly what you want to watch, and subscriptions are a lot cheaper (and you just need the computer you already have, not more equipment that makes money for the company–like a cable box). Cutting out cable TV can help you save a lot of money, and you won’t even miss much!

    • Thanks for your comment! Agree 100% I love me some Hulu right now. The ads can get a little annoying sometimes because of lack of variety, but no way I would ever pay for cable again. Like you said, I don’t even miss it.

      Also love your tagline, “Talking sen$e about dollars.”


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