September 2015 – Debt Progress Report

Well it is now October and as promised we are publishing our debt progress report for the month of September. This will allow you to see our progress and how much debt we have been able to get rid of in the last 30 days.

Brian’s Progress

September 1st: $21,591.46
September 30th: $21,130.54

Made a little more progress. I just switched jobs and setting some aside because I am working with a tax accountant. I am going to be setting up an LLC to save some money, but I am setting aside some extra because I have to run payroll and dividends.

Remaining Loans:

  • Great Lakes School Loan #1: -$8,383.45 -$8,292.95
  • Great Lakes School Loan #2: -$1,457.51 -$1,406.01
  • Car Loan: -$11,750.50 -$11,431.58

Brett’s Progress

September 1st: $16,148.69
September 30th: $16,134.85

So things have been really busy the last couple weeks and I didn’t get around to making a payment besides the minimum in September, but rest assured October will be a strong month!

Together we got rid of $474.76 of debt in September!

If you’re bored here are 3 littles expenses you can cut to pay off debt. Stay tuned for our next debt progress report.

Brett Jackson

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