This is the current list of resources, services, software, and tools we both use to save money and invest in our financial independence. We only list things we actually use.


  • Betterment: The primary tool we use on our way to early retirement and living off a 4% strategy.
  • Robinhood: By far the best way to buy commission-free fractional shares of high-profile stocks such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • Personal Capital: One of the best ways to keep track of your capital across all different mediums.
  • BlockFi Visa card: Earn 1.5% Bitcoin on every purchase you make.


  • Ally: Savings account with 1.00% APY, FDIC insurance, no fees, and 24/7 support.
  • Betterment: Savings account with 0.40% APY, FDIC insurance, unlimited transfers, and no fees.

    Note: Due to the coronavirus, the FED has significantly reduced interest rates.


  • ICTaxAdvisors: A CPA firm laser-focused on helping freelancers and self-employed individuals reduce their taxes, audit risks, and headaches. They’ll create an S Corporation for you and even run payroll. They are ridiculously good at it and save us thousands of dollars every year.

Health insurance

  • Medi-Share: Both of us now use this for our health insurance. This has saved us thousands of dollars in premiums. Check out our in-depth Medi-Share review.

Renters insurance

  • Jetty: Better, more affordable renters insurance from $5/mo.

Car insurance

  • Root: Think of Root as the new way to do car insurance. We both switched over from State Farm and save over $40/month on our insurance payments and have even higher coverage. It also comes with 24/7 roadside assistance for no extra charge.

Cell service

  • Google Project Fi: As far as a cell phone provider goes this is incredible and saves us a ton of money. We both switched from Verizon and couldn’t be happier. Check out our Project Fi review.

Sending money abroad

Wise is by far the best service out there to save you money on wire transfer fees when sending money overseas. It’s completely free to set up an account.