What I Cut From My Monthly Budget


Have you ever gone through your personal budget and really asked yourself if you need everything that you are paying for? Well that was the first step for me on my goal to becoming debt free. I asked myself if this was something I really needed or something I could live without. Below is a list … Read more

Why I Finally Decided to Get Out of Debt

get out of debt

Looking back now to when I finally made up my mind to start controlling my money and push to be debt free, I still find it amusing that I didn’t come to this realization sooner. I had been out of college and working for about two years at that point, not making millions, but not struggling … Read more

Let’s Get This Started

starting financial freedom

Welcome! If you’ve found your way to our blog, chances are you are looking to be financially free, or maybe you’re just entertained by reading about two brothers trying to get out of debt. My brother and I both started making some changes to our finances in October, 2014. This turned into much more of a life changing ordeal then either of us expected it to at the time, and now we are charging full steam ahead on our journey to be financially independent!

So where do we start? Well, we have to get out of debt.

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