November 2016 – Debt Progress Report

Well, it is now December 2016 and as promised I am publishing my debt progress report for the month of November. This will allow you to see my progress and how much debt I have been able to get rid of in the last 30 days.

Brian’s Progress

November 1st: $7,209.27
November 30th: $5,878.70

In October, I was able to get rid of my last student loan. Now just working on what’s left of my car loan. I am so close to being debt free I can almost taste it! Trying to save every penny I have for this next month so I can go into 2017 completely a debt free man.

Remaining Loans:

  • Great Lakes School Loan #1: -$2,868.64 Paid Off
  • Great Lakes School Loan #2: -$1,406.01 Paid Off
  • Car Loan: -$7,209.27 -$5,878.70

I got rid of $1,330.57 of debt in November, woot!

Stay tuned for our next debt progress report.

Brian Jackson

A penny pincher, entrepreneur, and investor in financial freedom. I enjoy sharing money hacks. Connect with me on Twitter.

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