Medi-Share review – How I save $352 a month on health insurance

This last year I ran into a huge dilemma like a lot of you probably did. My healthcare insurance provider pulled out of my state and the only option I was left with was Obamacare, which was beyond crazy expensive. Because I am all about pinching pennies, I went on the hunt for cheap health insurance, and I discovered Medi-Share. I only wish I had found them years ago. Check out my Medi-Share review below and why I can’t recommend them enough.

Even if Obamacare eventually gets repealed (which it might here shortly), I have lost all faith in our healthcare system as a nation. And there is no way it will get reduced by that much.

Journey to find cheap health insurance

I work from home (in the United States) for a company overseas, as well as manage a multitude of my own projects. This means the IRS sees me as self-employed, and my employer doesn’t provide health insurance. There are thousands of freelancers and remote workers in similar positions. A couple years back I purchased health insurance from Aetna, which cost me about $275 a month.

But then it happened! Obamacare pretty much destroyed the health insurance marketplace and last year I discovered that every single private health insurance company in the state of Arizona was pulling out. This meant my only option was to sign up for Obamacare. I went and got a quote from and my heart dropped. Their cheapest plan was $425 a month for single person plan.

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I had heard bad things about Obamacare, but I couldn’t believe it. There was just no way I was going to pay $425 a month for health insurance, and the deductibles on that plan were still very high. That didn’t even include eye or dental insurance, only health. Working from home I have to budget for all of these things.

I actually closed my browser at that point in time and let my mind rest for a week or so, as I was kind of stressed out. I was really just kind of ignoring the problem and was seriously thinking about just taking the penalty and not signing up for insurance. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the US healthcare system, we get penalized if we don’t signup for health insurance.

Medi-Share review

I then did what most people do nowadays. I posted on my Facebook page and asked what everyone else was doing because this was mind boggling. Nobody had a good answer. However, a couple days later one of my relatives mentioned I should check out Medi-Share. I personally had never heard of it. So I headed over to (also known as Medi-Share).


Upon first visiting their site I could instantly tell they were a Christian organization. Being a Christian myself (even a Pastor’s kid), I thought this was pretty cool! Reading into it more I really was inspired by what their organization was providing. Here is a breakdown from their site about how Medi-Share works:

Each month, your monthly share is matched with another’s eligible medical bills. Through a secure online portal, Christian Care Ministry publishes the bills eligible for sharing and coordinates the direct sharing of medical costs between members. You will know each month whose bills your share is helping pay, and when you have eligible bills and your annual household portion (AHP) has been met, your fellow believers will be sharing those bills and praying for you as well.

Or in short, it’s like Christian crowd-funded healthcare! Together, members have shared over $1.6 billion dollars in medical bills since 1993.

Who is Medi-Share for?

If you aren’t a Christian, this might not be for you, however, I urge you to still look into it. You might be surprised by what I found to be an awesome and friendly community that helps each other. To be a member you should agree to this statement of faith. I had no problem with this as I will hold these beliefs until the day I die. They provide affordable options for individuals, families, and seniors! There’s even a group program for churches and Christian employers.

And if you are wondering, this does comply with federal regulations for health insurance. If you go with Medi-Share you won’t be penalized.

How much does Medi-Share cost?

So I know you are all probably wondering, how much does Medi-Share cost? Well, it really depends on your age. Here is a chart from someone in their mid 30’s. I ended up going with the $10,000 household portion, which if comparing to normal insurances is what they call your deductible. I haven’t had any health issues for a while and have savings so I was fine going with a higher deductible. Because of this, I ended up paying $73 a month for my health insurance! This is a savings of $352 a month compared to Obamacare. Mind blown.

Medi-Share pricing
Medi-Share pricing

And as you can see above, if you need insurance with lower deductibles, they have very reasonable rates!

Dental, vision, and free doctor video chat included

And if you were wondering, this also includes coverage for dental, vision, and free 24/7 on-demand access to US Board Certified doctors via video chat! Talk about awesome. And yes, just like typical insurance providers you get ID cards which you can give to providers. You get hard copies in the mail, and you can also easily print these anytime from the website. Remember, they don’t technically call this insurance, but rather private healthcare and discounts. But insurance is essentially what it is.

Medi-Share ID cards
Medi-Share ID cards

Medi-Share website

I have used Blue Cross and Aetna before, and I can tell you that Medi-Share’s website is just amazing in comparison. It’s like they actually hire real designers over there. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard. As you can see you can quickly find providers, edit your payment methods, find forms, print ID cards, and check on on your medical bill status. This is what a health insurance website should look like! It’s clean, simple, and easy to find everything.

Medi-Share website
Medi-Share website

Putting Medi-Share to the test

I didn’t plan on putting Medi-Share to the test anytime soon, but one morning this last May I woke up with intense chest pain. It got so bad I thought I was having a heart attack, even though at my age that is very unlikely. So I went over to the emergency room. Well, long story short… I was sent to the hospital and had to stay there for four days. Thankfully, it turned out to be Pneumomediastinum, which is basically where air leaks into the chest cavity.

A lot of times this happens in super skinny people, which I am. And it resolved on its own after some bed rest. Ironically my doctor, who was also a super skinny guy said he has this happen to him once when he was younger as well. He said it rarely every happens again. But this is a friendly reminder to all of you, no matter how healthy you are, you should always have some type of health insurance!

But, like some of you probably know, a trip the ER with lots of tests and four nights in the hospital is not cheap by any means. All in all, I wound up with a $46,000 bill. So I ended up really putting Medi-Share to the test. I can personally vouch for them and once I hit my deductible of $10,000 they paid for the rest. Below is just one of the many screenshots. In the end, they paid for around $35,000 and there was $1,000 or so that was not covered.

Sharing medical bills
Sharing medical bills

One really cool thing is that it is like a community of people helping each other. People can comment on each other’s medical bills being shared and you can actually see where your money is going. You can even thank everyone for their help. This is so much better than just handing your money over to a corporation.

Medi-Share staff

I also have to give a shoutout to the Medi-Share staff. I have called them a couple times and they are literally the most polite people I have ever talked to. They even say a prayer with you on the phone, which I thought was really cool. I remember calling Aetna, and every time I talked to someone it was like they hated life, their job, and just wanted the conversation to be over. It is the exact opposite with Medi-Share. If you don’t believe me, feel free to dial them right now and chat.

They also go the extra mile. The last guy I talked to actually sent me a handwritten note in the mail. Yes, handwritten! (see below) It reads:

Dear Brian,
I’m praying for you to have healing, strength, recovery and the peace and presence of Christ. “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
In Christ, David

Personal note from Medi-Share
Personal note from Medi-Share

How cool is that? I can promise you Obamacare won’t be sending you any personal notes anytime soon.

2020 update

I have been with Medi-Share for over three years now and am still loving it. It’s the best alternative to government healthcare that I’ve found.


I can honestly say that Medi-Share is a true blessing! Their price is great, the people are superb, and the coverage works. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but it can definitely work for a lot of you just like it did for me. I want to personally thank the founders of Medi-Share for coming up with such a creative company. They aren’t just about providing cheap health insurance. I really believe they are creating a difference in the world, and it’s something our nation especially needs right now.

Visit Medi-Share

I am curious, have you had any experience with Medi-Share? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts. And if this Medi-Share review was helpful, please share it!

Brian Jackson

A penny pincher, entrepreneur, and investor in financial freedom. I enjoy sharing money hacks. Connect with me on Twitter.

17 thoughts on “Medi-Share review – How I save $352 a month on health insurance”

  1. We just finished the process of sign up. We feel very blessed to have this option and would like to thank you for your review and explanation. G-d bless you!

    • Glad to hear it Sandra! I’ve been using it for over a year now and have had nothing but an awesome experience. Who knew insurance could be so great. My brother now uses it too. Eventually we’ll get all the relatives on it :)

      God Bless!

  2. Curious, if your bill was $45k and you paid $10k and Medi-share covered $7k that leaves $28k still out there? Is Medi-share covering it incrementally? Thanks for the info.

    • Hey Matt, my deductible was 10k. So they paid for everything else after that 10k. Where did you get the 7k? The picture above is just one example of the many payments they made as my medical bills came in. They paid for 35k technically of all my stuff.

      Hopefully that clears things up :)

    • Hey Teresa,
      I cannot speak for Liberty Health Share. But I can tell you that in over a year with Medi-Share, I haven’t had a single issue or complaint. They are amazing!

  3. ThIs whole threaded very very suspicious. The better Business Bureau does not give them good ratings. Somebody’s got it be making Millions to pay for all the advertising they

    • All I can tell you is when I was in the hospital Medi-share came through with all their payments as promised and I had no issues with using them as an insurance. They paid for 35k of my medical bills after hitting my deductible. My brother uses them now too. You can call them any time and actually get someone on the phone within minutes. Aetna, BlueCross, forget about that happening.

      BBB ratings can also be seriously skewed. I can name a lot of great companies with bad ratings. But Medi-Share has a B- with very few reviews. Looks good to me, not sure what you are seeing.

  4. Medishare is a joke. It is not insurance and to their credit, they don’t hide that. It is cheaper to pay cash than submit to the claims center and hope that the bill gets applied to your AHP. Even with “in-network” providers, cash pay is still cheaper. So why do I have this wolf in sheep’s clothing? I needed 4 months of coverage to get out of the tax penalty; but, rest assured that I’ll be singing the good Lord’s praises come Jan 1 when I have real healthcare coverage.

    • They paid over $30,000 in medical bills for me. Really saved me in a time that I needed them. So not sure what you are talking about? I know many friends and family members using them that are more than happy.

  5. I am trying to decide if this is a good switch for my family. It would cut our family health monthly payment in less than 1/2, which is amazing in this day in age! I am trying to understand the share aspect. You only ever pay your monthly payment of $75 correct? You are still helping cover another bill, but the amount you are offering to help is $75. Do you get asked to cover more of someone’s bills?

    • Hey LR!
      You won’t ever pay more than the monthly amount you sign up for. The monthly is shared among other members to help cover their bills. But they will never ask you to give more.

    • I am not happy. They have paid almost nothing and have marked the EVERY amount that they could not get reduced as “ineligible for sharing”. I thought they were good, but looking back through my time with them, they have really never helped us, AT ALL. As a matter of fact, one hospital raised my bill by $2,000 from what I would have had to pay due to the fact that I “had insurance”.

      I do not believe they are operating under “Christian principles.” Every single bill has a huge portion that is deemed, “Ineligible for sharing.”

      In almost 3 years, they have paid almost NOTHING. including NOTHING for the ambulance.

      I am furious that they pretend to be a viable option for insurance. The only way medishare is a good deal is if you pay less than for insurance and never actually need them to help.

      • Sorry to hear that Barry. It’s strange as my experience has been the exact opposite. When I was in the hospital they paid around $35,000 of my bill, after I hit my deductible. Note, some of the $1,000 they didn’t pay that I mentioned in the post was for the ambulance.

        However, I would have been in a heap of trouble had it not been for Medi-Share.

  6. We have been with Medi-Share since 2017. There’s a lot that I like about their service, but we’re considering a switch to Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM). It’s a little more expensive (, but I like the way it’s structured. For example, I broke my leg 11 weeks ago. We all but emptied our savings account ($10,500) to cover our Medi-Share deductible. With CHM, you essentially have a per-incident deductible of $500. So, if we had been with CHM when I broke my leg, we would’ve only paid $500—including the ER trip, the surgeon’s bill, the anesthesiologist’s bill, the hospital’s bill, etc.

    In your case, if you went with their Gold Plan (their highest one), you’d pay $2,064/yr ($172/mo). If you add Brother’s Keeper (covers incidents that exceed $125,000), you’d pay an additional $180/yr (four $45/quarter payments). So, you’d have $2,224/yr (average of $185.33/mo) in premiums. That’s $1,348/yr more in premiums than you’re paying for Medi-Share. But just the ER visit for my broken leg would’ve more than covered that difference. And the $10,500 I shelled out for my deductible covered that difference for the next 8 years (cue vomit sound).

    Plus, there is no “network,” so you can choose your own doctor and you’ll be covered as long as the incident fits within CHM guidelines (

    The only “cons” I have discovered so far:

    (1) If we make this switch, we’ll be “cash pay” at the doctor, so we’ll have to pay upfront and get reimbursed. So, for more expensive procedures/surgeries, we may have to start with CareCredit or something like that.

    (2) You do your own filing with CHM. That’s not as easy as Medi-Share, as the filing process with them works exactly like standard health insurance.

    So, here’s my take. If you’re an individual who is:

    (1) Generally healthy
    (2) AND anticipates very few doctor visits / very low annual medical expenses (e.g. sub-$2,500/yr)
    (3) AND has at least $10,500 in the bank

    Then, Medi-Share may be the better option. But if you’re an individual who:

    (1) Has some health issues
    (2) OR anticipates an average-to-high doctor visits / annual medical expenses (e.g. $2,500+/yr)
    (3) OR has less than $10,500 in the bank

    Then, CHM may be the better option.

    For us, our Medi-Share year restarted the week before I broke my leg in May, so our coverage is 100-0 from now until May 2021, so we definitely won’t make a change before then.

    Anyway, there’s some food for thought.

    • Wow, thanks Chad for these differences. I’m sure this will help readers out! It’s good to know since I haven’t tried CHM personally and was always curious. One thing to note is that CHM doesn’t seem to do vision or dental whereas Medi-Share does. It’s through a discount plan which is fairly cheap if you were to do it on your own, but still included.


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