May 2015 – Debt Progress Report

Well it is now June and as promised we are publishing our debt progress report for the month of May. This will allow you to see our progress and how much debt we have been able to get rid of in the last 31 days.

Brian’s Progress

May 1st: $23,581.27
May 31st: $23,132.28

These medical bills have been killing me the last couple months. Check out this image below. This is a list of medical transactions being billed to my health insurance. Hopefully next month I can make a bigger dent in my debt.

medical bills

Remaining Loans:

  • Great Lakes School Loan #1: -$8,712.72 -$8,627.54
  • Great Lakes School Loan #2: -$1,852.60 -$1,804.08
  • Car Loan: -$13,015.95 -$12,700.66

Brett’s Progress

May 1st: $41,686.59
May 31st: $33,486.91

Things are still rolling along. We finished finalizing and paying for some vacation plans for next summer, so were putting most of the extra money that we had saved towards debt. Even though we’ve been able to get a good amount of money towards our debt lately, it still feels like things are going slow. I think it is just because we are down to our last three school loans, which are the larger ones, so they will take a bit longer. That being said, we are so ready to be able to do something else with our money for a change, so we definitely aren’t losing focus!

Together we got rid of $8,648.67 of debt in May!

Brett Jackson

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