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Welcome! If you’ve found your way to our blog, chances are you are looking to be financially free, or maybe you’re just entertained by reading about two brothers trying to get out of debt. My brother and I both started making some changes to our finances in October, 2014. This turned into much more of a life changing ordeal then either of us expected it to at the time, and now we are charging full steam ahead on our journey to be financially independent!

So where do we start? Well, we have to get out of debt.

Luckily, neither of us have been too irresponsible with money in the past when it comes to things like building up heaps of credit card debt or buying tons of things we can’t afford. However, we both have a fair amount of student loan debt from attending a private university. Granted, we both graduated with our Bachelor’s degrees and got decent jobs shortly after, but that is no excuse.

This blog is intended to be a way for us to both share our experiences with those who find it helpful, as well as document our progress in order to hold ourselves accountable while working towards our financial goals. This journey has already sparked a new way of thinking about money for both of us, and it will no doubt consist of many parts, as getting out of debt is only the beginning. I know that we both are very excited to learn more about managing money, investing, early retirement, real estate, and many other topics around this area of being financially independent. Who knows where this journey will take us and what it will lead to, but our main goal to start with is to ultimately be financially free. I know that other goals and plans will follow suit as we discuss and learn more about where we want to go, and this blog will be a venue for talking about all these exciting things!

For now, its back to paying off loans, and of course, posting our experiences and findings back here for you to share with us.

Brett Jackson

A penny pincher and investor in my own financial freedom. Want to your financial product or service on penny bros? Hire Us

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