January 2016 – Debt Progress Report

Well it is now February 2016 and as promised I am publishing my debt progress report for the month of January. This will allow you to see my progress and how much debt I have been able to get rid of in the last 31 days. Brett is already debt free! So he will no longer be participating in the debt reports.

Brian’s Progress

January 1st: $18,498.53
January 31st: $18,093.14

Got my school loan under 8k, woot! I am hoping this next month I can bang out a lot more.

Remaining Loans:

  • Great Lakes School Loan #1: -$8,024.93 -$7,942.97
  • Great Lakes School Loan #2: -$1,406.01 Paid Off!
  • Car Loan: -$10,473.60 -$10,153.02

I got rid of $405.39 of debt in January!

Stay tuned for our next debt progress report.

Brian Jackson

A penny pincher, entrepreneur, and investor in financial freedom. I enjoy sharing money hacks. Connect with me on Twitter.

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