What I Cut From My Monthly Budget

Have you ever gone through your personal budget and really asked yourself if you need everything that you are paying for? Well, that was the first step for me on my goal of becoming debt-free. I asked myself if this was something I really needed or something I could live without.

Below is a list of things I cut out from my monthly budget that really began to add up quickly.

BillMonthly Savings
Cox TV/Cable Bill$80.00
Hulu Plus$8.00
Xbox Music Pass$10.00
2 Extra 365 Accounts$13.90
Cox Internet Downgrade$35.00
Web Hosting Switch$25.00
Cell Phone$51.00
Total Savings$222.90

As you can see above I have decreased my monthly bills by $222.90 a month is a pretty decent amount.

Cox TV/Cable Bill

I watch all my TV and movies online so I decided to cancel my cable as I never even used it. What a waste of money.

Hulu Plus

This was a 2nd streaming location that I never was using, so it had to go!

Xbox Music Pass

I switched to the free version of Spotify to play music instead. And actually, after using it for a while I prefer Spotify better now. I can deal with the free advertisements if I know I am saving money.

2 Extra 365 Accounts

These were two accounts where I had been busy and never took the time to cancel.

Cox Internet Downgrade

Yes, I do all my work online but I decided that I don’t need the fastest internet plan to accomplish my work. I am on the standard plan now which works just fine.

Web Hosting Switch

I decided to switch my clients and my websites from WP Engine over to Kinsta. I was getting hit with overage charges and so this saved me some money.

Cell Phone

I decided to go back on my family’s plan. Yes I know I am 27 years old but this is all about saving money. My original cell phone bill was $110 through Verizon by myself. After joining my family’s plan I brought it down to $59! And my whole family is saving money by doing this.

Further Savings

I have plans to increase my savings by moving into a cheaper apartment this summer after my lease expires. At least until I am debt-free.

As you can see just little tweaks here and there can make a huge difference.

Over 1 year my monthly savings add up to $2,674.80! Which goes straight towards my student loans.

Brian Jackson

A penny pincher, entrepreneur, and investor in financial freedom. I enjoy sharing money hacks. Connect with me on Twitter.

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  7. This is wonderful. So happy to have found you site. It is amazing what we can do without. My problem are books. Love books. Try to not buy but use the library instead.


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