Video Gaming On a Budget

Video Gaming on a Budget

I play a lot of video games. It has been a favorite hobby of mine ever since I can remember. There are new games coming out all the time and as someone who likes to play pretty much everything, it can be difficult to not go spending way too much money on video games. When … Read more

Trying to Get On a Budget

Getting on a budget

Getting on a budget is one of those things that I always just figured would come when it was finally necessary for me to make my money stretch just as wide as my life had become, in response to life’s crazy and unpredictable turns. I can chuckle at this now, as I’ve realized that a … Read more

What I Cut From My Monthly Budget


Have you ever gone through your personal budget and really asked yourself if you need everything that you are paying for? Well, that was the first step for me on my goal of becoming debt-free. I asked myself if this was something I really needed or something I could live without. Below is a list of … Read more