Bank of America Customer Service Number

Bank of America Service Number

The main Bank of America customer service number is 1-800-432-1000.

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Bank of America Checking and Savings Phone Numbers

General Account Information, Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card, Open Account

  • 1-800-432-1000
  • 1-315-724-4022 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-688-6086 (Spanish)
  • 1-800-288-4408 (TTY/TDD

Enrollment, Billpay, Technical Help

  • 1-800-933-6262 (English and Spanish)

Bank of America Credit Card Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-732-9194 (Credit Card Customer Service)
  • 1-757-677-4701 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-276-9939 (Credit Card Activation)
  • 1-800-222-7365 (TTY/TDD)

Bank of America Online and Mobile Banking Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-933-6262 (Online and Mobile Banking Support)
  • 1-800-604-9961 (Text Banking Support)

Bank of America Health Care Practice Loan Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-497-6076
  • 1-888-852-5000 (Existing Account Support)

Bank of America Mortgage and Home Equity Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-669-6607 (Existing Mortgages)
  • 1-800-270-5746 (New Mortgage Applications)
  • 1-800-934-5626 (Existing Home Equity Accounts)
  • 1-800-779-3894 (New Home Equity Applications)

Bank of America CD and IRA Phone Numbers

  • 1-888-827-1812
  • 1-800-288-4408 (TTY)

Bank of America Insurance Phone Numbers

New Accounts

  • 1-800-992-3200

Existing Accounts

  • 1-866-791-0250 (Individuals)
  • 1-866-791-0251 (Employers)
  • 1-800-305-5109 (TTY)

Bank of America Auto Loan Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-215-6195 (Existing Customers)
  • 1-866-345-1248 (TTY/TDD)

Bank of America Small Business Banking Phone Numbers

  • 1-888-287-4637 (General Service Questions)
  • 1-866-758-5972 (Online Banking Support)
  • 1-888-606-4545 (Intuit® Online Payroll Support)
  • 1-877-270-1242 (Remote Deposit Online Support)
  • 1-800-430-7161 (Merchant Services Support)
  • 1-866-543-2808 (New Accounts)

Bank of America Investments and Wealth Management Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-637-7455 (Current Clients)
  • 1-866-706-8321 (New Clients)
  • 1-866-657-3323 (TTY/TDD)

Bank of America Specialized Banking Phone Numbers

  • 1-800-432-1000 (Student Banking)
  • 1-315-724-4022 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-344-8382 (Student Lending)
  • 1-800-334-1920 (Military Banking – Domestic)
  • 1-210-978-5000 (Military Banking – International Collect)
  • 1-800-523-7860 (Foreign Currency)
  • 1-800-432-1000 (Safe Deposit Box)

Bank of America ATM Phone Numbers

  • 1-844-401-8500 – Option 1 (ATM Device Problems)
  • 1-844-401-8500 – Option 2 (Submit a Claim)
  • 1-844-401-8500 – Option 3 (General Account Servicing)
  • 1-315-724-4022 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-288-4408 (TTY/TDD)

Bank of America Privacy and Security Phone Numbers

Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Card

  • 1-800-432-1000
  • 1-315-724-4022 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-688-6086 (Spanish)

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

  • 1-800-732-9194
  • 1-757-677-4701 (International Collect)

Report Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity

  • 1-800-669-6607 (Mortgages)
  • 1-800-934-5626 (Home Equity Lines of Credit and Loans)
  • 1-800-933-6262 (Online Banking)

Report Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity Not Associated with Online Banking

  • 1-800-432-1000
  • 1-315-724-4022 (International Collect)
  • 1-800-688-6086 (Spanish)

Bank of America Supplier Relations and Development Phone Numbers

  • 1-888-550-6433 (United States)
  • 1-401-865-7948 (International)

Bank of America Gift and Grant Phone Number

  • 1-800-218-9946

Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship Phone Number

  • 1-800-537-4180

Bank of America History

The Bank of America, also known as BOA, is a global financial institution committed to helping clients and communities prosper around the globe. They specialize in wealth management, corporate banking and trading on a wide array of asset groups. Statistics show that Bank of America has a customer base of around 47 million people, including 4,700 retail financial institutions, 16,000 ATMs and an online banking platform of 32 million users.

Bank of America has a rich history that spans more than 200 years. Throughout this period, many great people have helped shape its heritage in the right direction. It all began in 1904 when Giannini Amadeo Pietro established Bank of Italy in the city of San Francisco. During that time, Bank of Italy mainly served the interests of immigrants coming into the United States to live. This bank provided them with services they were otherwise denied by existing American financial institutions which were out of reach for the majority and only available to wealthy individuals.

Giannini introduced branch banking in America shortly after the 1909 California legislation, allowing for branch banking within the state. Its first bank located outside San Francisco was also founded that same year in San Jose. Two decades later, the bank had opened 453 branches in California with their resources and assets totaling around $1.4 billion.

Throughout its existence, Bank of America has been opening up financial opportunities to the marginalized people in society. Their commitment to customers and communities at large is rooted in the belief that their success is deeply connected to these groups of people. The bank considers each day an opportunity to help improve the economic status of people. They provide industry-leading support to more than 3 million small business owners through innovative, user-friendly virtual products and services. They commit to being a responsible firm by ensuring sustainability of operations, as well as the well-being of their employees while also creating a positive influence on the economy.


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