April 2015 – Debt Progress Report

Well it is now May and as promised we are publishing our debt progress report for the month of April. This will allow you to see our progress and how much debt we have been able to get rid of in the last 30 days.

Brian’s Progress

April 1st: $25,056.56
April 30th: $23,581.27

I made some decent progress in April. Unfortunately this next month is gonna be killer as I have some more medical bills I have to pay and I had to get new break pads :(

Make sure to check out my post on what I cut out from my monthly budget.

Remaining Loans:

  • Great Lakes School Loan #1: -$8,807.14 -$8,712.72
  • Great Lakes School Loan #2: -$2,922.89 -$1,852.60
  • Car Loan: -$13,326.53 -$13,015.95

Brett’s Progress

March 1st: $48,880.04
March 31st: $41,686.59

April was a good month! We were able to squeeze out some extra cash. My wife and I have been budgeting around $6,000 a month going towards our debt, and we beat that by almost $1,200 this month! We also crossed the halfway mark!

Together we got rid of $8,668.74 of debt in April!

Brett Jackson

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