5 Steps to Get Debt Free

How to get debt free is determined by how you spend money on a day to day basis. All the little things spent here and there really add up in a month’s time. Sticking to a monthly budget over the course of one year will save you hundreds or even thousands in the long run.

Step 1 – Budgeting

Sit down and develop a focused and doable monthly budget. This will provide you with a clear picture of your finances and what expenses you should pay off first. Take note of the entities whom that you are to pay, how much is usually to be paid, and the amount of is the rate. Start with the credit debt, and inquire about lowering the eye rate payment. Gather all the essential information and call the credit card companies and don’t be afraid to talk to them. You will immediately save each month with a decrease in the interest rates. Over a short period of time this could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

One of the primary steps to becoming debt free is to avoid using credit cards. Once you have made this decision and are committed to it you are one step closer to financial freedom. You should ask yourself a couple of questions before you purchase anything. Do I really need this? Can I wait to buy this thing till my expenses improve? Do not use your credit cards for making purchases. The goal of being financially free will never come to fruition if you continue to use your credit cards. Here’s a rule of thumb; do not buy it if you cannot pay for it with cash.

Step 2 – Cutting Out Luxury Items

One of the many things you want to do is to cut back on the purchase associated with luxury items you want, but do probably not need. You must start saving even around the smallest amounts in addition to think economically. Saving money all the time would surely contribute to debt reduction and at last a debt-free lifetime. Control all spending for example mobile phone payments, Internet usage charges, going for some sort of movie on just about every weekend, eating with expensive restaurants, and about to places who weigh heavily in your cash flow.

Step 3 – Remain Within Your Financial Means

Living financially free will happen sooner if you remember to not spend money on all the little things. Pay attention to your budget while cutting back on expenses. Make a list of all the essential things you require but do not include your cut back spending. The difference between how you spent money before versus how you spend it now will be a drastic change. A change for the better. Now that you have created a current budget and expense guideline, spend your money according to that plan. Remain within your financial means. Use the additional money you are saving each month to pay down your debt. The longer you stick to your brand new budget the faster your money will grow.

Step 4 – Stick To Your Budget!

If getting started on creating a budget or taking the right steps to pay down your debt is too overwhelming for you, the option of obtaining the advice from a financial planner may be a better solution for you. How to get debt free is simple math. It is basically a two step process. Formulate a monthly budget, and stick to that budget. Do not let yourself get off track for any reason. Always remain dedicated towards paying down debt.

Step 5 – Avoid Emotional Impulses

You will see results as you remain committed to lowering your debt. As your results increase, this will encourage you to keep moving towards your debt free goals. Maintain your motivation by tracking your progress and watching your debt go down each month.If you like to indulge in retail therapy, you may have unaddressed emotional needs. Spending money when you are feeling depressed, for example, can quickly get you into debt. Spending money can create a brief “feel good” factor and people often speak of “retail therapy”. In reality, the brief high which can accompany the purchase of something new, will be outweighed by the long term debt of paying for it.

Next time you feel the urge to whip out the credit card, think about whether the item is on your budget. If it is not, do not buy! Find someone to talk to, get a hug or take time to pamper yourself with a hot bath or listen to your favorite music until the buying urge passes. I highly recommend using the accountability partner method.

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Choose to take control of your finances. Start a budget, set yourself short financial term goals and long term goals to manage your debts. Make them realistic and then stick to them. Well managed money can help you live the lifestyle of your dreams. But it is all too easy to fall into financial troubles if you do not keep on top of your budgeting. Your attitude towards money – and debt – will have a huge bearing on the quality of your lifestyle. Decide to take control of your finances. Change your attitude towards money. Plan and stay within budget and you will be well on your way to a debt free life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. We all know that financial freedom from debt is not easy. But the good part of this article is that the five points apply to anyone of any income level in the society. Because it is not about our income level but the decision that we make get us out of the debt trap.


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